30 Day Game Challenge # 11 – Game From My Favourite Developer

Ah my favourite developer, another easy one! The developer that I’m most fond of is Bioware. They released so many good games, but the one I chose for this challenge is Mass Effect 1. Mass Effect is such a great game, the mix between shooter and rpgĀ is just perfect for me. It’s more rpg than shooter, as opposed to Mass Effect 2, but that suits me just fine. There are some flaws however, for instance with the inventory system but that’s something I can look past. BioWare did such a great job with the story and concept that I was absolutely compelled to play all the way through to the end to see how Commander Shepard would fare against the Reaper threat. I wasn’t disappointed to say the least!

Watch the trailer below and join us tomorrow for day 12!

PS: I played the male, standard Shepard and not a FemShep. Sorry!

PPS: It’s my birthday!