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After almost a month of absence due to holidays and other circumstances we’re finally back to bring you more interesting articles on gaming, comics, movies and more!

There will be some changes however. First of all, I’m running the site alone again after my associates decided to invest more time in other matters. Secondly, this means that there won’t be as many articles a week as before but don’t worry, it’ll still be plenty!

Lastly, I’ll try to keep the articles shorter and thus more readable for everyone (and I don’t have to invest hours a day in them because I just don’t have the time anymore.

Anyway, thanks for sticking with us during our absense and welcome back!


Papercraft – The Newest Level of Geekiness

I’m sure you’ve heard of the latest ‘fashion’ in the geek-o-sphere. Papercraft, the art of making just about anything out of paper. I’ve known about it for quite a while but I only recently got more interested in it and I’m considering giving it a try and see how it works out.

When I say papercraft I literally mean anything you can think of made out of paper. Just about anything popular in the video game, movie, comic or anime world has been made out of paper. Models I’ve seen range from Star Wars, comic characters, life-size Master Chiefs, Yamaha bikes and small cube-shaped characters from various themes.

What’s even more is that you don’t require a lot of material to start papercrafting yourself. You just need a hobby knife, glue, paper (Duh) and opposable thumbs.

I decided to share some of the most impressive designs that I’ve come across. I’d seriously pay good money to own one of these. I think making one will prove quite difficult for a novice like me! Anyway, enjoy the selection I’ve made and have a look around on the internet if I spiked your interest.

First of all, these come from a website called Cubeecraft. These are papercraft models made up of cube shapes, as the name suggests. There are quite a lot of designs on the website, and easy to build.

Leonard H. "Bones" McCoyGordon FreemanAstro BoyWolverineMarcus FenixHellboy

Next up is an awesome life-size Link.

The next picture is from the Star Wars Universe. I wonder if these could be made life-sized

Always wanted Goku in your room? Well, here’s your chance!

I think I’ll stop here. Let it be clear that these models are for advanced papercrafters. I’d suggest starting out with the ones from Cubeecraft. If you’re looking for more papercraft models and downloads check out the link below.

This website has some awesome models. It sort of serves as a collection of various papercraft websites and blog around the internet, just have a look around for yourself. Now, if you’ll excuse me I need to go find out if I’m up to the challenge of making one of these awesome models.


Green Lantern comics – An introduction

With the Green Lantern movie releasing in June I thought it was time to write a bit of an introduction to the Green Lantern universe, and more specifically, the Green Lantern comics. Comics, and especially DC Comics titles, have a tendency to feature a pretty complex timeline as the continuity is often altered to correct mistakes made by the same people who made the different universes in the first place. I think we can all remember the ‘Earth 2’ and ‘crisis on infinite earths’ debacle which ended the DC multiverse for a while. Continue reading “Green Lantern comics – An introduction”

Throughout The Ages – DC Comics

Hey there guys and welcome to the very first ‘Throughout The Ages’ blog post. This is the place where I share with you the history of a game, brand, developer, comic, movie, director, etc and mention their major achievements and such. So without further ado, here is ‘Throughout The Ages – DC Comics’. Continue reading “Throughout The Ages – DC Comics”

Superheroes, why do we like them?

Hey there guys, as the title says this article is about superheroes, and more in detail about why we like them. It struck me a couple of weeks ago that almost the whole world likes superheroes and I really had no idea why. Maybe it’s the tight latex suits (Watchmen anyone?), the superpowers, the fact they do things we can’t? Keep on reading and you’ll find out!

The idea of creatures with superhuman powers and skills is almost as old as man itself. The origins of our current ‘men in tights’ go back all the way to Ancient Greece and the Roman Empire. Just think of the countless gods and goddesses, not to mention centuries of myths and legends about people with superhuman traits. People back then listened in awe to these stories as they were told year in year out and carried on from one generation to the next.
But why did these stories survive and how come they were so popular. I honestly don’t think it’s just because of the story itself I mean, everyone can write a story in a fantastical setting but that doesn’t mean people will like it or even relate to your main character.
I believe we like these so-called super humans, not because they are something we do not see in real life, but because they are different from us, special if you will. Superheroes are often portrayed as people who transcend normal values and ethics. They apparently do not get affected by greed, misery or thirst for power (as opposed to the villains). Above all, heroes inspire us. Reading about their heroic acts inspires the average Joe to do their share and uphold the same principles, some kind of role model if you will.
Another thing that might aid in the popularity of a hero is how they got their powers. In many cases, these were just ordinary humans like you and me, but something happened that changed them. Just think of Spider-Man who was bitten by a genetically altered spider. And in some cases, they’re still humans without superpowers, who can bleed just like us. Think of Iron-Man who is just a man in a suit.
Even though a heroes’ popularity is dependent on their range of superpowers, but it’s also decided by the setting they are placed in. Just think of Batman and Gotham City, a dark and damp place full of corruption and crime. Batman is a perfect fit for such an environment as he is ‘The Dark Knight’ who deals with criminals head on, without much talk or mercy which is very different from heroes like Superman. As a quick note, Superman might be too perfect to actually view as a role model. Most recent developments in superhero lore is that they have just as large an amount of flaws as we do, while Superman still remains perfect.
As a final reason, we are attracted to superheroes because they often lead 2 lives, one as a normal person with a job, or even a family and another life as a superhero who spends his time swooping in to save the damsel in distress while juggling 20 thugs in one hand doing the macarena with the other. The concept of having a secret life is appealing to a lot of people I believe, because you can become whoever you want to be.
Although, I realise all these reason might sound a bit utopian and that it’s mostly children who really like superheroes but you can’t deny that secretly you still look up to Superman and hope that maybe, one day you’ll be able to do the things he does and be a role model yourself.
But, in real life people with superpowers don’t exist but that does mean we don’t have heroes. And this will sound really corny, but the real heroes of the world are parents, teachers (ok, maybe not teachers), firemen and policemen.
If you have any comments or thoughts on this, or any other topic, don’t hesitate to leave me a note in the comment section.