Comic Sans Makes My Eyes Bleed

Hey there guys, it’s been a while hasn’t it? Well, that’s because I’ve been very busy with college. You know … papers, presentations, studying and all that *ahem* exciting stuff. Anyway, I wanted to let you guys know what I’ve been up to these days. I recently bought a new smartphone, a HTC Incredible S and I’m lovin’ it! I see no reason whatsoever to buy an iPhone when this phone does everything I could possibly want. I’ve been hung up on playing Ocarina of Time on it whenever I have to wait somewhere. Quite addictive indeed.

Anyway, I wanted to share a trend that I’ve noticed while walking around on campus these last few weeks. A lot of students (first years and older) are using the Comic Sans MS font more and more and it frustrates me to no end. Why you ask? Because it’s butt-ugly to be quite frank and it has no place in a business college. Here’s why:

  • it’s too bold,
  • there’s little difference between normal, bold and italics so highlighting certain words in a text doesn’t work well,
  • it’s a crude font with short letter endings,
  • it’s even uglier when used in all caps (example: in titles),
  • it’s exhausting to read and strains the eyes more than a more formal font,
  • it’s used too often.

Well, that’s my opinion anyway. I’m sure there’s been scientific research into fonts and their uses. A lot of people seem to disagree with me though since it’s still used to often. I’ve seen Comic Sans used in business colleges, papers, formal presentations, government documents and in police departments. Seriously, what the hell?!

Don’t get me wrong though, there are uses for the font. Like for kids under the age of 11, comics, cartoons, etc. It’s just not for more formal or grown-up occassions.

Anyway, go watch the little presentation over at Comic Sans Criminal and watch the short YouTube clip below why even Hitler thinks Comic Sans MS is crap (seriously, it’s funny)


PS: Now that you’re thinking twice about using Comic Sans as a font, do the same for WordArt … nobody wants to see that either.