30 Day Game Challenge # 2 – The Worst Game I Ever Played

Alrighty! Day 2 of the 30 day game challenge. Today I’ll discuss the worst game I ever played. Just like yesterday, this is quite hard to decide because I played a lot of games and there were some pretty bad ones among those. I decided to choose Driver 3 (Driv3r). I’m not saying that this is THE worst game I ever played, but this one is what I remember most clearly. 

I really didn’t enjoy this game. The driving was fine, but the running around and gunplay was clunky. Next to that it felt like a terribly weak GTA clone back in the day. I never really got into the story, didn’t really speak to me. Other than that, the environments and locations are pretty good and so is the damage model (at least back in the day).

Anyway, watch the clip below and tune in tomorrow for day 3!


30 Day Game Challenge # 1 – The Best Game I Ever Played

Hey there and welcome to the very first day of the 30 Day Game Challenge. Today’s title is ‘The Best Game I Ever Played’, which was kind of hard for me to answer as there is no real answer to the question. I like a lot of games, and I think a lot of them have potential to be the best game I ever played.

After quite a bit of consideration I decided to choose The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time which was also the number 1 on my top 100 list.

Ocarina of Time has everything to be the best game I ever played. A great story, awesome dungeons, you name it! Also, the music and songs played on the Ocarina always take me back to when I was younger and played the game. Watch the clips below to know what I’m talking about. If you haven’t played it I recommend getting a second-hand N64 or a 3DS.

Join us tomorrow for day 2!


A little update

Evening ladies and gents. I decided to write this short post to let you know my plans for the future of this website. I’ve got quite a few things planned and a couple more in the oven. Read on and see what’s coming up on The Grumbler! Continue reading “A little update”