Rurouni Kenshin Live Action Movie In The Making

 Yes indeed folks, after more than a decade Rurouni Kenshin or Samurai X in English is making a comeback although it’s not the one many of us would like to see.

In 2012, fans of the manga and/or animated series can look forward to a live action adaptation of Himurai Kenshin’s story. Nobuhiro Watsuki’s manga/anime is turning into a feature film with Takeru Sato and will be directed by Keishi Otomo.

As far as Sato goes, he’s no stranger to movie adaptations of manga. He had a small part in Goemon (which was an ok movie) and last year’s Beck.

Rurouni Kenshin‘s original manga ran from 1994 to 1999 over 28 volumes and was later animated over 95 episodes and a couple of OVA’s. The series followed a highly-skilled assassin who decides to wander Japan helping the helpless as penance for his violent past.

The source material is certainly of a high quality, let’s just hope the movie adaptation will stay true to it. We all know it might just as easily become another Dragonball Evolution, and I’m not done trying to forget about that one yet …


Papercraft – The Newest Level of Geekiness

I’m sure you’ve heard of the latest ‘fashion’ in the geek-o-sphere. Papercraft, the art of making just about anything out of paper. I’ve known about it for quite a while but I only recently got more interested in it and I’m considering giving it a try and see how it works out.

When I say papercraft I literally mean anything you can think of made out of paper. Just about anything popular in the video game, movie, comic or anime world has been made out of paper. Models I’ve seen range from Star Wars, comic characters, life-size Master Chiefs, Yamaha bikes and small cube-shaped characters from various themes.

What’s even more is that you don’t require a lot of material to start papercrafting yourself. You just need a hobby knife, glue, paper (Duh) and opposable thumbs.

I decided to share some of the most impressive designs that I’ve come across. I’d seriously pay good money to own one of these. I think making one will prove quite difficult for a novice like me! Anyway, enjoy the selection I’ve made and have a look around on the internet if I spiked your interest.

First of all, these come from a website called Cubeecraft. These are papercraft models made up of cube shapes, as the name suggests. There are quite a lot of designs on the website, and easy to build.

Leonard H. "Bones" McCoyGordon FreemanAstro BoyWolverineMarcus FenixHellboy

Next up is an awesome life-size Link.

The next picture is from the Star Wars Universe. I wonder if these could be made life-sized

Always wanted Goku in your room? Well, here’s your chance!

I think I’ll stop here. Let it be clear that these models are for advanced papercrafters. I’d suggest starting out with the ones from Cubeecraft. If you’re looking for more papercraft models and downloads check out the link below.

This website has some awesome models. It sort of serves as a collection of various papercraft websites and blog around the internet, just have a look around for yourself. Now, if you’ll excuse me I need to go find out if I’m up to the challenge of making one of these awesome models.