30 Day Game Challenge

Welcome to the main page of the 30 Day Game Challenge. Every day, a new post will appear with the next Game Challenge starting on Octobre 24. Links to each post will be added as they become available. Below you’ll find the full list for the 30 Day Game Challenge, enjoy!

Day 1 – The best game I ever played

Day 2 – The worst game I ever played

Day 3 – First game I finished

Day 4 – My favourite fight game

Day 5 – My favourite adventure game

Day 6 – My favourite First person Shooter

Day 7 – My favourite RPG

Day 8 – My favourite Strategy game

Day 9 – My favourite Racing game

Day 10 – My favourite Sports game

Day 11 – Game from my favourite developer

Day 12 – Game from the developer I hate the most

Day 13 – Game featuring featuring my favourite character

Day 14 – Game featuring my favourite villain

Day 15 – Last game I played

Day 16 – Game I could play over and over again

Day 17 – My favourite game based on a movie

Day 18 – My favourite game based on a book

Day 19 – My favourite Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game

Day 20 – Game that was my biggest disappointment

Day 21 – Game with my favourite soundtrack

Day 22 – Game that I never finished

Day 23 – Game of my childhood

Day 24 – My favourite board game

Day 25 – The most sick game I ever played

Day 26 – The game that is too short

Day 27 – The game I can’t wait for

Day 28 – The game that angers me the most

Day 29 – The game that I wish I played the main character

Day 30 – My favourite game from my country

That’s all 30 of them! I hope you enjoyed this series of posts and feel free to post comments, feedback is always appreciated!


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