30 Day Game Challenge # 22 – Game That I Never Finished

Well, this is one from a pretty extensive list of games that I never finished, some to my regret others not so much. One that I don’t regret that I didn’t finish it is Hitman: Blood Money. this is the first Hitman game I ever bought, and I must say it looked quite appealing playing Agent 47, a professional assassin, but it turned out quite differently. You see, I’m not a very stealthy type of person. I prefer running into the room guns blazing, which is not a good choice in Hitman: Blood Money. Stealth and cunning is key in this game, and it just isn’t me. So the result is that I played a couple of missions only to condemn the game to the deep reaches of my cupboard. Haters gonna hate I guess!

Join us tomorrow for day 23!


Author: Niels Van Hellemont

Hi, my name is Niels and I'm a long time fan of movies, anime, comics, games and whatnot. Could say that I'm a bit of a fanatic when it comes to the above mentioned things. I'm currently studying for a Bachelor After Bachelor in Advanced Business Management - Human Resources Management.

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