New Video Game Releases Week 44 (31 October – 6 November)

Hey guys, as usual you’ll find the list of new releases in the table below. Don’t hesitate to share your thoughts in the comment section! Remember that this list isn’t an absolute reference and as such is subject to change.

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30 Day Game Challenge # 8 – My Favourite Strategy Game

This is actually one of the very first games I ever played. I chose the first Age of Empires. This game managed to capture my attention for months at a time. My interest in history and gaming was combined nicely in this game. I wish they’d make more, but sadly that will not be the case.

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30 Day Game Challenge # 7 – My Favourite RPG

Well this one is pretty easy. If there’s one RPG I really like to play it’s The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. I must’ve spent close to 200 hours on it playing various different classes and races. This game has so much stuff to explore, quests to complete and conversations to have. From the moment you left the prison and got past the sometimes shoddy voice acting and ugly faces this is one of the best games of the decade. I, like everyone else, especially liked the Dark Brotherhood quest line and the massive world to run around in.

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30 Day Game Challenge # 6 – My Favourite First Person Shooter

My favourite First Person Shooter (FPS) would have to be Killzone 3. And perhaps not for the reason you might think. I really like the single player campaign, the multiplayer not so much. The multiplayer isn’t bad, but I’m not a real fan of online multiplayers. The visual beauty, the conclusion to a story I’ve been following since Killzone 1 and the great gunplay make this the top FPS on my list. The only real complaint I have is the apparent lack of discipline and obedience in the 2 protagonists, especially Rico who comes across as a complete dick for most of the game. You play as Sev, an ISS soldier trapped on Helghan after a failed invasion of the planet. The goal is to try and get off the planet, but the story gets more complicated as you go along. Recommended for any FPS fan.


30 Day Game Challenge # 5 – My Favourite Adventure Game

Hmmm … my favourite adventure game … I played quite a few adventure games through the years, but my favourite these days has to be Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. Reason for this is because the story is so compelling, the effects so awesome and the gameplay so smooth and realistic. The ‘Hollywood-factor’ of the game is quite high and it moves at a good pace. The voice acting is really great and the comedy elements lighten up the mood quite nicely. Couple the platforming action with the shooter elements and you’ve got the type of adventure game that I like most. Can’t wait for the sequel!

PS: The train level is made of pure awesomeness.


30 Day Game Challenge # 4 – My Favourite Fighting Game

Well, this one is pretty easy. My favourite fighting game by far is Dragonball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3. The reason for this is because I’m a big Dragonball Z fan and used to watch it when I was younger. The more than 150 playable characters and diverse environments that are partially destroyable coupled with the well-known moves from the series make this my favourite fighting game.


30 Day Game Challenge # 3 – First Game I Finished

The first game I ever truly finished was Battle Arena Toshinden on the ps1. It was a pretty mediocre game really with limbs floating apart from each other and weird voice acting. Nevertheless, it’s what really got me into gaming in the first place and I finally managed to finish it (which in retrospect isn’t a very great achievement, though it seemed like it back when I was 7).

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