Brink – Living Up To The Expectations?

Rising sea levels, humanity on the brink of extinction (see what I did there?) and rebellious organisations: Is it surprising that ‘Brink’, a shooter that is set in a decrepit paradise, touches a sensitive chord with anyone that is concerned with the future of our planet? I don’t know! I’m only here to tell you about the game itself and if it manages to fill in those mile-high expectations that the game has set for itself.

‘Brink’ starts off just as perfect as ‘The Ark’, the metropolitan island where all the action takes place. The fancy intro shows how the Ark came to be, and then moves on to showing the harsh reality: After the apocalyps the Ark, once a beautiful dream, became a nightmare. Two factions are on the brink of war (I did it again! ahem …). ‘Security’ is trying to save the project by restoring order on the island. ‘The Resistance’ on the other hand is trying to get away from the Ark 
 Naturally, the two factions are in conflict with each other. Is the battle of the brave law enforcement against the aggressive aggressors (boy, I’m in the mood today). Or are the rebels the heroes of the Ark, who form the last line of defense against the fascist government? Both sides pick their own truth. The player also gets to choose a side, and their class in the massacre that will no doubt follow. Players are able to choose from Soldier, Operative, Medic and Engineer
Globalists on steroids

The creation of your character is pretty extensive: face, clothing and equipment can be customised to the fullest, combine this with a bunch of realistic tattoos, shirts, accessoires and trousers and you’ve got thousands of ways to customize your character. Sad thing is that in the end, you’ll all look pretty much the same anyway. The colours however often make it difficult to make the difference between friend and foe in the multiplayer. Another annoyance is the fact that most customizations are just not available from the start of the game. Bethesda chose to make most of these unlockable through multiplayer. Fortunatly, if you play well and you fullfill your objectives you’ll earn a lot of experience points quick enough to buy whatever you want.

The rebels look a bit like they participated in the protest actions against the G8-summits or the climate conferences. They wear hockeymasks or bandanas that protect their face – although the Brink variant of protesters took a lot more steroids than their real world counterparts. The Security faction can go different ways as well: you can choose between short hear à la commando style or run around with rasta’s. Your choice.

Once you’ve chosen your faction, class, weapon and character, the fun starts. Or should start at least. In single player, the missions are a good way to get a feel for the controls, but that’s all really. The single player missions are the same maps and assignments as in the multiplayer mode. Which is really lame … most First Person Shooters don’t have a great single player campaign, but this is just taking the piss.  The SMART-option on the other hand is a fun feature. With 1 bash on the left bumper your character gains to freedom to spring or sneak across the terrain. This parkour style of gameplay is pretty fun but could’ve gotten more attention in the multiplayer section where only a few maps really allow for a good, fun use of this feature. This is a shame really, as the parkour style gameplay is supposed to be one of the selling points of the game.

Multiplayer is still the most fun 

I discussed the multiplayer briefly already above but I’ll go a bit more in-depth now. Brink’s greatest strength is also its greatest weakness. The game brings the use of teamplay and the difference between classes together beautifully, albeit a bit dull at times. Every player/class has to work together to achieve the set objectives, and effectively win the game. Medics can revive team members, soldiers can blow shit up and so on. A team has to be well-balanced in order to achieve the objectives of the game, and some goals are only attainable by a single class.

Teamplaying is an absolute must in this game, which can get pretty annoying if you end up playing with randoms.

All in all Brink is a pretty decent distraction for a while but gets boring pretty quick, for me at least. The experience is dulled down further when you realise Brink set such high expectations for itself while most don’t get filled in, which is a shame.

Look below for a trailer. Enjoy


Author: Niels Van Hellemont

Hi, my name is Niels and I'm a long time fan of movies, anime, comics, games and whatnot. Could say that I'm a bit of a fanatic when it comes to the above mentioned things. I'm currently studying for a Bachelor After Bachelor in Advanced Business Management - Human Resources Management.

6 thoughts on “Brink – Living Up To The Expectations?”

  1. I was actually really disappointed in brink because it tried to do so much but really did so little. IMO. The biggest problem I had with brink was it’s lack of multiplayer and forcing you into an online experience. I actually feel bad about it because some friends of mine picked me up the game and I barely played it because I was so bored with it.

    I think we learned from Assassins creed that forcing an online experience is not the way to go. I’m sad to see so many games trying to emulate that model. On the PC side the game was really buggy and needed some serious patch work.

    I’m sorry for not posting for awhile between my new job and masters program i really have no time !

      1. Not doing a Masters yet. I’m in my last year of a Bachelor in Office Management – Human Resources. And I go to college in Belgium 😉 So it’s not really a thesis, more like a final paper.

  2. Brink is the first FPS I have ever played where every single game is different….. I have never played a boring game. I highly recommend this game to everyone!!! Make sure your computer can actually run it though (if you get if for computer) because steam has a no refund policy.

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