All Witcher 2 DLC Will Be Free

Gamers rejoice! Finally, we don’t have to pay through the nose for 2 hours of extra gameplay, 1 quest, a couple of multiplayer maps or fancy new weapons. While some (read: most) developers think DLC is extra money in their pocket.

I’m glad to see that not all developers think this way. CD Projekt, the people behind The Witcher 2, have announced that ALL DLC for The Witcher 2 will be available to players for free. Yeah, that’s right, free new content without having to pay for it. The only thing that is intended for purchase will be expansion packs.

The first DLC, titled “Troll Trouble” will be available on launch day, for free (I can’t repeat that enough, btw). Now all I need is a console version of the game, or a pc strong enough to run it smoothly … /cry

Enjoy your copy though!


Author: Niels Van Hellemont

Hi, my name is Niels and I'm a long time fan of movies, anime, comics, games and whatnot. Could say that I'm a bit of a fanatic when it comes to the above mentioned things. I'm currently studying for a Bachelor After Bachelor in Advanced Business Management - Human Resources Management.

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