Modern Warfare 3 Info Leaked

Like Christmas and taxes, there’s a new Call Of Duty game every year. Wether you like it or not, it’s as good as always an instant hit, just for the multiplayer. We all thought we’d hear about the new Call of Duty on E3 but someone really cut to the chase and decided to leak some information about the game. Kotaku received a massive leak from a ‘trusted source’.

The leak includes information on the plot, characters and set pieces for Modern Warfare 3. Apparently, MW3 will be available on November 8 and the campaign will pick up where MW2 left off with an imminent Russion invasion of New York. next to New York City we’ll be visiting Berlin, Prague, Paris, Dubai and more.

The single-player campaign will reportedly include 15 missions, What’s more is that we’ll take on the role of a Russian Federal Protective Services agent (what a mouthful eh), an SAS Operative. There will also be sequences where we play as a tank gunner and an Ac-130 gunner (Yes, those overpowered things are back).

The game will reportedly ship with 20 multiplayer maps (probably some will be deleted, and shipped in DLC), with several mods available including “Spec Ops” and “Survival,” the latter of which has you and your buddies defending against waves and waves of enemies. Expect to hear more at this E3 next month on the multiplayer, ’cause that’s what most people will be playing anyway. I can only hope that MW3 will be more interesting to me than Black Ops. I got awfully bored really fast, even before I reached Prestige …

If you want to read the entire article (SPOILERS!!!111)about MW3, head over to the original post here . I find it hard to believe that such a massive dump of plot information and screenshots were released without the knowledge of publisher Activision.


Some teaser trailers have just been released. See below.


Author: Niels Van Hellemont

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